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Fabric for Fashion

The Complete Guide Second Edition
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  • Veröffentlicht: Feb 17 2022
  • Seiten: 296
  • 278 x 214mm
  • ISBN: 9781913947934


  • Barbara Jacobs

    This second edition of Fabric for Fashion offers refreshed information on sustainability and smart fabrics. Rather than tacking on a chapter to address these concerns, Hallett and Johnston address these topics appears in every chapter and subchapter, on subjects like fabrics' environmental impacts, for example, as well as notes on eco-friendly fabrics, how "smart" fabric translates into functional designs, the recyclability of individual fabrics, and more. The authors offer much to learn about trademarked biosynthetics (fabrics generated in part from renewable resources), plants that form the basis of novel fabrics, and different collaboration and activist groups formed to meet sustainability goals. Color photos appear on every page, along with many sidebars and infographics on topics like useful terminology, construction details, and data on material composition. A must for anyone who cares about the fate of fabrics and the goods they become, as well as the fate of our planet.
  • Jess Colley

    Gloucestershire College
    This book is well designed - the useful terminology panels are helpful, its divided into user friendly sections that lead you through 4 different sections (all colour coded on the side of the pages) there are intros to techniques that are well written and informative, there is history as well as market information. It could be used as general inspiration or as the basis for a specific self-led research brief (relevant to year 2s final major project) - JESS COLLEY - GLOUCESTERSHIRE COLLEGE