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The Pocket Photographer

An accessible guide to getting the best out of your phone camera, aimed at everyone who wants to take Instagrammable photographs

Everyone has a camera on their phone. Author Mike Kus, a photographer with a strong Instagram following, demonstrates the simple tricks and techniques that take your photography to another level. His methods can be mastered by anyone, and the content avoids reference to specific phone camera technology, instead relying on the clear principles to make you a better photographer, regardless of the camera you own. The book is written, designed and illustrated by the author.
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  • Veröffentlicht: Nov 18 2021
  • Seiten: 144
  • 202 x 142mm
  • ISBN: 9781913947682

Press Reviews

  • Niall Hampton

    Digital Camera magazine
    'Mike is an evangelist of smartphone photography; not because he's not at home with a camera, but because he feels that a great image matters more than what it was captured on. Over 144 pages, Mike's engaging visual approach guides you through how to produce memorable images with just the phone in your pocket. And as the principles in the book are as relevant to cameras as they are to camera phones, The Pocket Photographer is also an accessible and unstuffy primer about photography.'