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Katya Tylevich is an arts and fiction writer. She is author of Gus Van Sant: The Art of Making Movies, Art Oracles, Success Oracles, many book and monograph contributions, essays and interviews, and co-author of My Life as a Work of Art. Notable artist collaborations include The Marina Abramovic Method Cards, the text for Michaël Borremans' The Acrobat, as well as projects with Barry McGee, Todd Hido, and Espen Deitrichson. Katya spent years as contributing editor and writer for publications such as Elephant, Mark, Frame, Domus, and Pin-Up. With her brother Alexei she co-founded Friend & Colleague, a platform for editions, fiction and special projects. She is currently working on a fiction book titled Fear Eats the Soup. katyatylevich.com
Katya Tylevich