Visual Power Memory Game

Ron van der Vlugt

Erscheinungstermin Dec-13


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This well-known family game is useful for training the power of memory and very popular with children (because beating them is not always easy). Should it seem a bit silly, you should try Visual Power Memory instead. The photographs on the playing cards are picture montages sampled from images imprinted on our visual memory as icons of the mass culture in which we live. Each card selects a subject from the encyclopaedic image bank that we carry in our heads, manipulating it in an amusing way. This surprising and contemporary version of the memory game is great fun to play, good for children’s visual education and for training everyone’s power to remember. It guarantees hours of amusement around the kitchen or dining room table.

Mieke Gerritzen is a designer, producer and the director of the Dutch Museum of the Image (MOTI). The design is done by her, so be assured that it carries her signature style of highly energetic visual typography.

Artikelnummer: 9789063690984 Kategorien: ,
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  • ISBN: 9789063690984