Think Like A Lawyer, Don’t Act Like One

Régis Lemmens, Bill Donaldson and Javier Marcos

Erscheinungstermin Mar-14



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Think like a lawyer Don’t Act Like One provides strategies to solve conflicts. Co-developed by Harvard University, many laywers, three bonobo’s, two kissing boxers, a cowboy, Mikael Gorbatsjov, Sun Tze en John Rambo.

Think Like a Lawyer Don’t Act Like One can be used when dealing with grumpy police officers, angry neighbours, unwilling debtors, failing clients, nasty lawyers and other conflict seekers. Each strategy is thoroughly tested and can be used at the kitchen table, on the street and in the boardroom.

All 75 rules are illustrated in a funny way. This is a complete and tested ready to use guide to prevent and solve conflicts.

Aernoud Bourdrez is a copyright lawyer and negotiator. Now acts on behalf of visual artists, photographers, designers and architects. He has successfuly negotiated in conflicts across more than 40 countries.


Artikelnummer: 9789063693077 Kategorien: ,
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  • ISBN: 9789063693077