The Spontaneous City

Wimer Hazenberg, Menno Huisman and Sara Cordoba Rubino

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This book presents the concept of the Spontaneous City as an alternative direction of design thinking and urban planning opposed to traditional rigid city planning. The era of large-scale urban planning is over.
With the book The Spontaneous City, Urhahn Urban Design heralds another practice. Small-scale ‘make-ability’ combined with Dutch entrepreneurial skill, that is the basic principle. That is why the authors of this book argue in favor of local resourcefulness, flexibility and openness In short, they argue for the Spontaneous City.

The Spontaneous City is never finished, is about the user and is the result of supply and demand.

The book draws from the work and experience of Gert Urhahn who works as an urban designer and architect in the city of Amsterdam but also includes work and think pieces by other writers and architects.

Gert Urhahn founded Urhahn Urban Design in 1991 and developed it into a renowned and innovative urban design practice with a broad international portfolio. Gert is particularly experienced in formulating innovative renewal strategies for harbour and waterfront related projects. He is specialized in complex assignments where various stakeholders are together aiming to find a sound and tailor-made solution, as a senior designer or as supervisor. He has published extensively on regeneration strategies, housing and mixed use typologies. Previously, Gert was Senior Urban Designer for the Municipality of Amsterdam. Between 1985 and 1990 he initiated and supervised a number of major renewal and housing projects, as well as the redevelopment of the IJ river waterfronts in Amsterdam. Gert uses his experience in the field as a passionate lecturer and workshop leader on urban design, the re-thinking of port cities, best city practices, and complex urban environments. Gert is a member of the International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP) and of the advisory body of the Amsterdam council (ARS). Gert has worked throughout Europe. His UK Experience includes the urban design for the Bedford Station Quarter, South London Town Centre Intensification Study, Industry in the City (a typological study for intensification and functional mix in industrial areas), Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth Masterplan, North London Town Centre Enhancement and London Wembley (a regeneration feasibility study).

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Artikelnummer: 9789063692650 Kategorien: ,
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