The Book of Do-ness

234.5 Ideas to Beat Your Daily Laziness

Jasper Udink ten Kate

Erscheinungstermin Jan-17


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Tired of looking at your screen? Well get off your ass and DO something! We’re spending so many hours a day watching TV, gaming, scrolling through timelines on social media and asking Google the weirdest questions. We’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to actually DO things. And that’s where this book comes in. ‚The Book of Do-ness‘ is a very funny, practical and (un)useful guide for all the people out there who have the urge to spend less time being digital but who need a little nudge in the right direction.

The last decade has seen great change. We’ve entered the Digital Age. New products are released every day. It’s become unthinkable to live without our digital equipment. And that’s a good thing! We can entertain ourselves and communicate in so many more and exciting ways. It has made our lives easier, more fun and even more social.

But there’s a downside. Nowadays, we spend way too many hours a day behind a screen. This book is written for all the people who would like to spend less time digitally, but need that little bit of help in finding new ideas to do so. With these ideas you’ll never get bored, and hopefully it will train your ability to think a little differently when it comes to DOing things. It’s easy and fun, and you might even become more sociable after reading it…

This is also your invitation to join The First International Screenless Day! Click here for more info about this event.

Sara van de Ven is the Assistant Publisher and the PR & Publicity Manager for BIS Publishers. She studied Concepts & Brands, with a minor in Visual Culture, at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. She’s also a freelance Graphic Designer, picture editor and loves to write funny short stories.

In the last few years Sara has become fascinated with man’s digital addiction. When she started looking more closely at how people around her use digital equipment, she realised she was just as addicted as everyone else. After talking to friends and family about why our phone, laptop and tv are almost our best friends nowadays, she felt that the world needs a good old fashioned reality check. She came up with the most ‘normal’ things to do without using a screen and unknowingly started writing ‚The Book of Do-ness‘.

Artikelnummer: 9789063694517 Kategorien: ,
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