Online Innovation

Tools, Techniques, Methods and Rules to Innovate Online

Gijs van Wulfen

Erscheinungstermin September 2021


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Online Innovation inspires you with effective online collaboration tools, techniques, methods and rules to kick-start you to innovate your work and your organisation 100% online. That is why this is a practical guidebook on how to innovate online.
After describing 10 common pitfalls, the authors share great tools and techniques that work in practice. They discuss the Achilles’ heel of innovating online and present 10 methodologies you can use for hands-on online innovation. The Lightning Decision Jam, the Design Sprint and the FORTH innovation method are highlighted in the book. The authors combine these methodologies into a new hybrid version. At the end of the book, you will find systematic descriptions of 25 tools and 10 methods. These will give a clear overview that will help you to pick the right ones for your online innovation journey.

Gijs van Wulfen is a worldwide authority in innovation and design thinking. In 2005, he founded the FORTH innovation method: a scientifically proven methodology for the start of innovation. His book, The Innovation Maze (BIS Publishers), was crowned as Management Book of the Year in 2017. He inspires people with his keynotes, books, webinars and YouTube videos in a practical way on how to be great innovators. Recently, van Wulfen became one the authors of the Future-Fit Manifesto, the successor of the Agile Manifesto.
Co-authors Maria Vittoria Colucci from Italy, Andrew Constable from the United Kingdom, Florian Hameister from Germany and Rody Vonk from The Netherlands are all professional online innovators and certified facilitators of the FORTH innovation method.

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Artikelnummer: 9789063696214 Kategorien: , ,
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