My Photography Toolbox

A Game to Refine Your Eye and Improve Your Skills

Rosa Pons-Cerda, Lenno Verhoog

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Create powerful images while learning the basic principles of photography. My Photography Toolbox will guide the players on how to take stylish photographs. Each card will coach you on the secrets of visual language and will enhance your creativity.

This game is perfect for all those who take pictures regularly and would love to improve their skills. It displays 30 visual principles and enables you to play with tools that smartphones or digital cameras don’t provide, such as the psychology of forms. Because photography is everywhere, this is a must-have game for its style, easy rules, valuable rewards and ludo-didactic features that allow you to learn while playing in teams or individually.

The box includes two games. 1. BE A MASTER: to create an image based on a photography genre and four given rules. 2. REFINE YOUR EYE: to discover the rules in existing photographs. Each has a different goal: make a powerful photograph in less than 20 minutes, or discover the rules of photography connecting images and concepts.

Rosa is an interdisciplinary writer, media and games content designer. In 2017, she created a partnership together with Lenno Verhoog on game design and tools for learning. Lenno: Besides being a course leader at Image & Media Technology at HKU

Nicht vorrätig

Artikelnummer: 9789063695040 Kategorien: ,
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