Infinite Double Diamond Cards

Design Thinking Tools to Shuffle and Re-Shuffle

Rik de Vette and Carola Verschoor

Erscheinungstermin September 2021



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It does not matter whether you are innovating on your proposition, your team culture or something else. The authors Carola Verschoor and Rik de Vette view innovation as the creation, development and implementation of new forms of value. It is a verb, because ultimately for innovation to happen, thoughts and ideas must be set in motion by doing. This card deck is based on the Double Diamond of Design (created by the British Design Council in 2004). What makes the deck infinite is that the cards can be shuffled and re-shuffled, giving the innovation teams unlimited possibilities and inspiration. Infinite combinations can be made in the application of design thinking tools through these cards. They are easy to use, versatile in application and deliver useful results time after time.

Rik de Vette is a growthhacker, a customer developer and a linchpin. He lives at the intersection of growthhacking, lean startup and design thinking. After a career as a pharmacist, he transformed himself to a growthhacker with a passion for innovation. He was a corporate growthhacker at Eneco and is currently working in PostNL’s Innovation Studio.
Carola Verschoor is the founder and chief creative at Transfor-mational Studio. Her mission is to (r)evolutionize change in a complex world and help embody the transformation we wish to see in business today. For more than 25 years she has worked across industries, developing teams and delivering successful innovation. She is a thought leader on the topics of innovation, strategy, creativity, transformation and (service) design for business.


Artikelnummer: 9789063696184 Kategorien: , ,
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  • 80 cards
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  • ISBN: 9789063696184
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