From Selling to Co-Creating

New Trends, Practices and Tools to Upgrade your Sales Force

Pieter Jongerius, Anna Offermans with Anton Vanhoucke

Erscheinungstermin Mar-14


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This is a groundbreaking book that identifies the current and future trends in sales. It is based on 100+ interviews with senior sales executives and sales experts from the corporate industry and academia across central Europe, the UK and the USA. This research was supported by TiasNimbas Business School, Cranfield University and the Sales Management Association in the Netherlands.

The book poses the question: What if there was a way that sales forces could help their organization to stay ahead of the competition and innovate? Many organizations featured in this book find ways to do just that. Would you like to know about their practices, methods and how they are preparing themselves for the future? Meet some of the companies that have moved from Selling to Co-Creating.

Explore how they have been able to develop new, innovative and sometimes highly successful products and services by using their sales force strategically. Learn how their sales forces have built new collaborative relationships with their customers ahead of their competitors.

To help you achieve your transformation from Selling to Co-Creating, the authors have included a visual framework, cases and tools to use in your own organization.

Régis Lemmens is a consultant, author and teacher on the topic of sales and sales management. He is a partner at Sales Cubes, a sales management consulting firm located in Belgium, that specialises in sales and key accounts management. He is a fellow at Cranfield University in the UK and a he lectures on sales and sales management at the TiasNimbas Business School in the Netherlands.
Bill Donaldson is Research Professor of Marketing at Aberdeen Business School, Robert Gordon University, UK. His research interest are in the management of sales operations including sales automation and customer relationship management.
Javier Marcos is a senior lecturer in Sales Management at the Centre for Strategic Marketing and Sales at Cranfield School of Management and an independent consultant. His main areas of expertise are Selling and Sales Management, Organisational Learning and Organisational Development. He emphasises the blend of leading edge research with innovative training methodologies in the delivery of his programmes and the design of consulting and sales coaching assignments

Artikelnummer: 9789063693510 Kategorien: ,
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