The Beginners Guide to Making Natural, Non-Alcoholic Fermented Drinks

Elise van Iterson and Barbara Serulus

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Everything you need to know to brew these healthy and alcohol-free drinks yourself.

Fermentation produces fantastic non-alcoholic drinks. Think of a fresh and tart kombucha, a thirst quenching water kefir, or an earthy beet kvass. They all fizz with healthy bacteria and they all surprise you with their complex taste. More and more, you’ll see these drinks offered in top restaurants and cocktail bars. But you can also make them yourself. Fermented drinks, with their natural sparkle and slightly yeasty taste, are a great alternative to wine or beer. They are perfect for those who want to consume less alcohol and those who want to give a pro biotic boost to their body.

You will find accessible recipes with step-by-step illustrations, scientific background information on the fermentation process, and ‘juicy’ anecdotes about the origin of these extraordinary drinks.

Barbara Serulus is a culinary journalist for Belgian magazines and newspapers such as De Standaard Magazine and Weekend Knack. On the side she works as a chef in Table Dance restaurant in Antwerp. 

Elise van Iterson is an illustrator who works for various Dutch magazines and newspapers such as Vrij Nederland, ELLE Eten, Trouw and Hollands Maandblad. Besides that, she is employed as a chef in restaurant Bureau in Amsterdam.


Artikelnummer: 9789063695446 Kategorien: ,
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