Dynamic Identities

How to Create a Living Brand

Susie Breuer

Erscheinungstermin Sep-13


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This visual book looks into design systems for living brand identities that can change in color, pattern or shape. These identities often follow a system created by the designer but are sometimes created by data which is not controlled by the designer. These open identities generate new versions of themselves by external data feeds. The identity of the weather company, for example, is fuelled by the ever-changing weather conditions in real time.

Corporate identity is one of the major in graphic design – and branding and dynamic identities are the latest trends in that field. Dynamic Identities is the first BIS Publishers book to cover the topic.

The book offers a systematic process for creating living brand identities and gives the reader a wealth of examples, describing international identities that were built on the systems discussed. The cover has a lenticular effect with dynamic identities that change from one version to another while you move the book in your hands.

Irene van Nes helps ambitious organizations and start-ups to innovate and create unique brands. She is a researcher, a storyteller, and a designer, that can supply the full package from research to strategy to design & implementation of an identity.

Nicht vorrätig

Artikelnummer: 9789063693398 Kategorien: ,
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