Dilemmarama The Game: The Ultimate Edition

The Game Is Simple, You Have To Choose!

Dilemma op Dinsdag

Erscheinungstermin Oktober 2021



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Every time you say goodbye you have to cry OR You can’t read time anymore. All the paint in your house is always wet OR You spray toilet freshener all over yourself every day. In this game there is only one real rule: you HAVE to choose!
The Dilemmarama’s absurd dilemmas will not only make you laugh, but will also cause heated debates and feisty duels amongst friends and family. There are two game options to choose from, because after all, everything in life is a dilemma. In one of the game options, your goal is to become the Dilemmaestro by creating difficult dilemmas for the other players. In the other option, you play in teams and try to guess what your teammates will choose. This way you really get to know your friends and family!

Dilemma op Dinsdag started when six friends were bored during a birthday party. After hours of discussing impossible dilemmas, they decided to start a Facebook page to let their friends vote on what the best options for the dilemmas were. Meanwhile, the page has over 300,000 fans, the group has been discussed in various media, they perform at various festivals and the number of followers on their social media outlets is constantly rising.


Artikelnummer: 9789063696252 Kategorien: , ,
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  • 65 cards in a box
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  • ISBN: 9789063696252
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