Dilemmarama the Game: Happy Edition

The Game is Simple, You Have to Choose!

Dilemma op Dinsdag


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For this happy edition of the Dilemmarama game, the best positive dilemmas have been selected that not only make you laugh, but also cause fiery discussions and duels. There are two game options that you can choose from, because everything in life is a dilemma. In one game your goal is to combine a difficult dilemma as possible on the table for the other players and become the dilemmaestro. In the other game you play in teams and try to guess what your teammates would choose. That’s how you get to know your friends and family really well!

Dilemma op Dinsdag started when six friends were bored during a birthday party. After hours of discussions on impossible dilemmas, they decided to start a Facebook page to let their friends vote on what the best options for the dilemmas were. Meanwhile, the page has over 302,000 fans, the group has been discussed in various media, they speak at different festivals and the number of followers is constantly rising on all their social media outlets.

Nicht vorrätig

Artikelnummer: 9789063695644 Kategorien: ,
  • Playing cards
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  • Erschienen: 2/17/2020