Design Innovation and Integration

Karla Straker, Cara Wrigley, Erez Nusem



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Novel solutions are required to meet complex problems, however, understanding how to make these solutions a reality is rarely addressed nor readily understood. This book expands upon existing design toolkits by providing a deeper understanding of the principles and practices of methods and aligning tools. The aim is not only equipping the reader with a list of design tools but for them to apply and adapt them to best suit their needs and context.
A number of diverse company case studies are used throughout the book to explain the use of individual tools and describe the more complex process of design integration, highlighting common pitfall and opportunities. Structured into two key parts, i) Design Innovation and
ii) Design Integration, the reader can quickly and easily resource a tool, gain a deeper understanding of the theory of Design Innovation or develop a design intervention within their own organisation.

Dr Straker, Professor Wrigley and Dr Nusem form the Design Innovation research group at the University of Sydney, Australia. They research the value that design holds to business.

Dr Karla Straker is an experienced researcher and lecturer. She is the Program Director of the university-wide major in Design.

Dr Cara Wrigley is Professor Design Innovation, residing within the School of Architecture, Design and Planning.

Dr Erez Nusem is a Lecturer and Program Director of the Master in Design at the School of Architecture, Design and Planning.


Artikelnummer: 9789063696030 Kategorien: , ,
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