Captains of Leadership

Build Your Facilitative Confidence

Alwin Put

Erscheinungstermin Oktober 2021


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Alwin Put outlines a three-part approach in which he explains how to get the best and most out of people by working together. This book is your guide to become a facilitative leader, in other words: a Captain of Leadership. The three parts discuss (1) why it is worth the effort to develop yourself as a facilitator, (2) how to learn to work with the holy trinity of facilitation (guide, conduct and catalyse), and (3) how to keep the right frame of mind and a high energy level to get the most out of your crew. Captains of Leadership combines elements of business, creativity and self-awareness. It is an essential tool for anyone who believes in co-creation. It is both hands-on and inspiring. Become a Captain of Leadership: with facilitation, anyone can step up and be a leader.

Alwin Put is a Design Thinking expert, a sought-after facilitator, trainer and speaker. He has a long track record in Marketing & Brand Strategy, working with start-ups, scale-ups, corporates and his own ventures. This book summarises his learnings when leading co-creation sessions with countless people from all kinds of organisations. Put is a partner of the Design Thinkers Academy and lives in Belgium.

Nicht vorrätig

Artikelnummer: 9789063696191 Kategorien: , ,
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