Brand Vision Cards

Brand Building Tool for Visionary and Strategic Thinking

Dorte Nielsen and Ingvar Jónsson



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The 250 cards consist of four categories: your Brand Values: what you stand for; your Brand Strengths: what will help you reach your goal; your Actions: what you will be known for and the Emotions: you aim to evoke.
The Brand Vision Cards can be used by companies, designers, communication professionals and facilitators. It is a tool for goal setting, vision statements, sharpening your USP, future innovation or as inspiration. You can submerge yourself in some serious thinking or take the playful approach and consider your brand personality, values, beliefs and path forward.

Dorte Nielsen is a creativity expert, internationally published author and keynote speaker based in Denmark. She is
the founder of Center for Creative Thinking and the brand Creative Thinker. She has dedicated her life to help others become better creative thinkers.
Ingvar Jónsson is the Founder and CEO of Profectus Coaching House, an international coach school based in Iceland. He is an Internationally published author, edutainer, keynote speaker and a musician. He embodies a restless inner drive to inspire and create sustainable growth.


Artikelnummer: 9789063696092 Kategorien: , , ,
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