Brand Memory Game

Jan Middendorp

Erscheinungstermin Mar-12


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Brand Memory Game has twenty-five sets of cards in which the pairs of cards that match are not identical, but clearly form a set through a thematic connection. In this case the connection is a world famous brand. Most people know more brand names than birds, flowers, or tree species. How many brand names do you recognize? This memory game makes it slightly difficult because the brand name itself is not mentioned on the sets of cards: the player only has the brand colors, typefaces, and an often funny description of the brands visual look to help the player to find the matching cards.

Hendrik-Jan Grievink graduated as an editorial designer from the Sandberg Institute, the postgraduate course of the Gerrit Rietveld academie. His work is best described as visual culture criticism through popular and recognisable images.

Hendrik-Jan is also a writer and editor, and writes on a regular basis for publications and websites such as and

Artikelnummer: 9789063692629 Kategorien: ,
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